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I am being told that people who attend River Festival are not car people and that they do not or will not respect the investment I have in my car. Is anything being done by Riverfest and/or Blacktop management to address these concerns?
We have heard these same concerns very loud and clear in the months since the announcement that Blacktop Nationals would be a part of Riverfest. We agree that there will be some guests at Riverfest who are not familiar with the rich car culture that we enjoy here in Wichita. Riverfest and BTN management see the Blacktop show as an opportunity to demonstrate to those guests the benefits of the car culture and help appreciate the heritage of automobiles in America. To specifically address your question, we will be doing the following during the Blacktop Nationals show:
• Signage will be posted prominently and frequently reminding our guests of the need to respect the cars that they are looking at. Those ‘rules of etiquette for a car show’ can be viewed on the Blacktop website.
• There will be volunteers patrolling the show area to help assure that everyone is aware of and abides by those rules.
• Wichita Police Department will be frequently walking through the show area. River Festival and Blacktop have enjoy a very healthy and respectful relationship with our WPD for many years.
• In addition, there will be occasional appearances of the WPD Mounted Patrol.
• River Festival has established through City and State regulators approval certain areas of the Festival area as Temporary Entertainment Districts. Alcohol consumption is legal in those areas but cannot be carried outside the Temporary Entertainment Districts. Security personnel and volunteers will be stationed at entrances to those areas to enforce the regulations. The Blacktop show area is not within one of those Temporary Entertainment Districts.

We think that, as participants, you will find that Blacktop Nationals will be one of the most ‘patrolled’ car shows in the downtown Wichita area.

Why is Blacktop Nationals show being moved to the Riverfest?
In early 2016, the previous owners of Blacktop made the decision to move on to other interests in their lives and sought to find a resource that allowed the show to continue with the traditions of fund and family entertainment. After much discussion, the Midwest Ford Dealers Association agreed to purchase the rights to the Blacktop show. At the same time, the Dealers Association contracted with Wichita Festivals, Inc., a nonprofit local organization that produces Wichita River Festival and Autumn and Art in September, to produce Blacktop Nationals. The show was moved to the River Festival time frame in an effort to enhance the Festival experience as well as the car show experience. Wichita Festival staff and volunteers are working hard to blend the two major events into a fun and enjoyable family experience. WE hope you agree as you participate in this new endeavor.

Is there going to be a ‘Million Dollar Collection’ portion of the show?
Yes there will but some changes have been made in the format. The ‘Million Dollar Car Show is now the ‘Admiral’s Collection’ to honor the official symbol and spokesperson for the Wichita River Festival-Admiral Windwagon Smith. Windwagon Smith was a fictional character in a 1961 Walt Disney animated film, The Saga of Windwagon Smith. Since 1972, the annual Wichita River Festival has chosen an ‘Admiral Windwagon Smith’ from its volunteers to serve as a ‘costumed, sword-carrying mascot’ of the event. The Admirals Collection will encompass 80-85 high end classic and contemporary cars in Expo Hall of Century II. A River Festival button will be required for entry to Expo Hall to view the collection.

I hear there have been some changes to the registration location for those of us who want to register day of show. What changes have been made?
In previous years, registration has taken place at the BG Products on South Wichita St just south of Kellogg. Registration has been in 2016 top the main entrance of Expo Hall at Century II. You will enter the show site from Waterman and be directed to a parking spot by volunteers. Once you have parked your car, follow signs to the Registration Area just inside Expo Hall. There you will be asked to fill out a registration form, pay the entry fee, and sign a waiver form. Once you have completed these forms, you may return to your car. Your window plaque will be printed and placed in a registration packet and delivered to your parking spot by volunteers. You will not be required to stand in line waiting to complete the registration process.
The show parking lot will be filled as cars arrive from near the Expo Hall towards Main Street (west to east).

Will there be a separate display for judged and non-judged cars as there has been in some previous BTN shows?
Absolutely not!!  Cars will be placed as they arrive-whether they are in either judged or non-judged categories. This separate display areas concept has not been used for a couple of years at Blacktop.

At previous Blacktop National car shows, class winners have received a trophy and a monetary award. Will that practice continue?
Blacktop and Wichita Festivals have looked at what other shows in the region are doing and the decision was made to discontinue the monetary awards for 2016. Class winner trophies will be handmade by members of the HellKat Racers Club. These will be very distinct and unique trophies that we think class winners will be proud to display.  Handmade trophies have become extremely popular at car shows across the country.

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