Car Show Etiquette

We would like to share a few points of car show etiquette as you enjoy some of the products of Wichita’s very healthy car culture:

• Please either park your bicycles or walk them through the show area.
• We ask that you refrain from riding skate boards in the show area. Please carry them.
• Be extremely careful with strollers. Please do not push them between cars if at all possible.
• Children get excited when they see a car they like and we enjoy seeing that excitement. Please make sure young children have parental supervision at all times. 
• Be respectful of the time and resources car owners have invested in their vehicles. Please do not touch or enter vehicles unless you ask the owner first.
Do ask questions of the owners. They are usually somewhere around their car and they love to talk about their cars or trucks and answer your questions. 

We're excited to see you at Riverfest Classic Car Show!

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