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Coder, husband, dad, and forever fan of Kansas, Jay Walter is a 26-year-old designer living in Wichita. He grew up in Manhattan, Kan., sixth in a line of eleven children. Jay’s parents and siblings are each creative geniuses in their own right, and he was drawn (no pun intended) to art and design from a young age.

“I remember spur-of-the-moment ‘drawing contests’ breaking out at our kitchen table. We’d pick what to draw, and then each do our take and compare to judge whose was the best.”

As a kid, Jay had a fascination with computers, which claimed a fair amount of his time. Sure, there were games to be played, but also new ways to be creative, often with Microsoft Paint. At twelve, he unboxed his first Wacom tablet, which launched him down the path to graphic art and design. In high school, Jay was introduced to coding for websites, and success at his first job influenced his decision to forgo college for full-time web work. Website design, for him, is the perfect match between an interest in technology and an artistic eye.

Jay works at Gardner Design, designing and building websites, but still makes time for art. Having wanted to enter the Riverfest Poster & Button Artwork Contest for years, this was the first year he finally pulled the trigger. Jay sketched a handful of compositions before honing in on the “Downtown Get Down” theme. With a lively party feel, a break-dancer became the centerpiece around which key Riverfest activities are depicted.

“I’m so excited to have this opportunity. What a perfect-for-me way to support the Wichita community and contribute to Riverfest. And what a great contest experience, thanks to the team at Wichita Festivals and Emprise Bank.”

At Gardner Design, Jay has had the opportunity to be involved in such projects as the Sedgwick County Zoo’s new website and Heartlandia stickers. Other recent personal projects include art for his home, posters, and a forthcoming children’s book.


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