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Meghan and Juanta Wolfe, who were the winners of the Riverfest 2020 Poster & Artwork Contest, will continue to serve as Official Artists of Riverfest for 2021. 

The Wolfes’ poster and button designs, featuring a robot DJ and his disco ball buddy, were revealed in January 2020. But shortly thereafter, the pandemic prevented WFI from hosting a traditional Riverfest and the winning artwork barely saw the light of day. The Riverfest team and artwork contest sponsor Emprise Bank asked the artists if they would update the artwork in subtle ways, to keep their vision but make it distinctly 2021.

“One year ago we were honored to have our poster selected for Riverfest,” said Juanta. “So many of you hadn’t seen it yet, and we are so happy to have the chance to update it. We’ve been inspired by the events of the last year when deciding on changes, and we feel like the poster has been tailored for 2021.”

The updated poster features twelve changes to the original. Can you spot them? Here are the answers.

Riverfest 2021 POSTER

Riverfest 2020 POSTER



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Riverfest 2020 & 2021 Official Artists Meghan and Juanta Wolfe have only been married for a couple years but art has always been at the center of their relationship.

The artists, both 29, live in Wichita, where he grew up. She was raised in Clearwater, and then moved to Wichita where she graduated from Wichita State University in 2013. A freelance illustrator and photographer, Meghan serves as the president of the local chapter of American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA), allowing her to focus on her passion of growing the design community in Wichita.

Juanta is a freelance muralist and a teaching artist for Arts Partners’ Generation STEAM program who is preparing for an exhibit of his work in April. Juanta’s love of street art, painting and drawing has inspired him to create murals throughout Wichita. He is most proud of his work on a community-driven multi-mural project in the South Broadway neighborhood where he grew up.

The artists are preparing for a collaborative show in June at The Workroom, and working together on an AIGA community project, a deck of cards designed by 54 Wichita designers. When they’re not creating, Meghan and Juanta also share a love for another art—brazilian jiu jitsu—which Juanta teaches, and their two dogs, Punkin and Skai, and cat, Medusa.

“We are ecstatic to represent such an amazing festival for our city, and become a piece of Wichita’s history,” said Juanta. “Riverfest is one of our favorite events, and we are filled with so much joy to see our artwork become the face of it this year,” added Meghan.



1. Nobrac the Robot DJ is wearing his bubble helmet.
2. His disco ball buddy is masked up to party down.
3. There's a rainbow after the storm.
4. Those dots are a concert crowd with beanies.
5. The sticker on Nobrac's guitar is feeling sunny.
6. Nobrac changed his shoes.
7. We are ready for fireworks.
8. The DJ's spinning new records.
9. How often does Riverfest update the poster from the previous year? Once in a blue moon.
10. Nobrac's mixer has new buttons.
11. The bottom of this year's poster is red.
12. Our theme this year is: The River Rocks Again

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