There were some technical difficulties that caused the delay with us receiving the results for the 2-mile race, which then led to the delay of the awards presentations for the 2-milers on Saturday morning.

We apologize for these delays and want to assure everyone that if you placed in the top 3 of your age group and were to receive an award we will be getting those to you.

Please give us a week to sort things out and we will be in touch with all of the winners to make arrangements to get them their awards.

Again, we appreciate your patience while we get things sorted out and we will get everyone awards that placed for awards.

Congratulations, Runners!
It was a pleasure to host you at the Kansas Health Foundation River Run 2018.
We hope you had as much fun as we did!

* AccuWeather Presents the Katie Partridge 2-Mile Run: Overall Results

* AccuWeather presents the Katie Partridge Memorial 2-Mile: Age Group Results

* AccuWeather presents the 2-Mile Wheelchar Race

* Marriott International 10K: Overall Results

* Marriott International 10K: Age Group Results

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