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WICHITA, Kan., Dec. 10, 2021 – Wichita Festivals, Inc. is launching a search for a new CEO/President. As the organization prepares for the 50th Anniversary of Wichita Riverfest scheduled for June 3-11, 2022, the board of directors has decided it is necessary to rebuild and reorganize its staff to prepare for the future.

The last two years have proven difficult for WFI which operates the Wichita Riverfest and Autumn & Art. In 2020, WFI was forced to cancel the Wichita Riverfest for the first time in the event’s 48-year history due to restrictions caused by the COVID-19 crisis. Later that year, WFI had to again pivot to create a virtual Autumn & Art event instead of the usual three-day outdoor art fair at Bradley Fair. In early 2021, Riverfest was once more impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and divided in two, with certain events like River Run held in June while other traditional events were moved to October.

The cancellation and modification of WFI’s two signature events significantly impacted the organization’s revenue opportunities over the past two years. As a result, WFI suffered from significant income loss and was forced to take dramatic steps including employee furloughs and the elimination of several staff positions including that of CEO/President. The WFI Board of Directors is now ready start the rebuilding process by hiring a new CEO/President who will be charged with creating and reorganizing a staff with the skills necessary to meet the future needs of Riverfest and Autumn & Art. 

In the short term, WFI will continue to lean on its talented and committed volunteers who have stepped up repeatedly over the years to make Riverfest and Autumn & Art the signature events that are an historic and important part of the fabric of our community.

For more information about Wichita Festivals contact Teri Mott, Director of Marketing and Communication, at (614) 506-9307 or teri@wichitafestivals.com. Wichita Festivals, Inc. is a non-profit corporation with the purpose of creating diverse community celebrations within the Wichita community. The primary events produced by Wichita Festivals, Inc. are Riverfest (June 3-11, 2022), Wichita Festivals Golf Tournament in Memory of Bob Struble (September 9, 2022) and Autumn & Art at Bradley Fair (September 16-18, 2022). For more information about Wichita Festivals, Inc. or its events, contact Teri Mott at (316) 267-2817 or teri@wichitafestivals.com.

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